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Balances/Precision Scales

Additional Specialized Services:

Repair, Maintenance, Testing, Certification and Filter changes for all makes of:
A - Fume Hoods
B - Bio-Safety Cabinets
C - Laminar Flow Hoods (Unidirectional Clean Air Devices)
D - Clean Rooms
E - Water Purification Systems

Full Service including: Recovery of Refrigerants, in accordance with EPA Regulations:
A - Refrigerated Laboratory Equipment
B - Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
C - Environmental Chambers

Calibration & Certification of Dimensional Tools:
A - Optical Comparators
B - Micrometers
C - Calipers
D - Pin Gauges
E - Gauge Blocks

Calibration & Certification of:
A - Thermometers & Thermocouples
B - Temperature Gauges & Indicators
C - Recorders, Controllers & Data Loggers
D - Pressure Gauges & Indicators

Validation Testing & Technical Reports
...all from the most experienced group of Technical Service Professionals.

Routine P/M Calibration & Certification Services Repair
Constant Temperature
Quality Control

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